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As a student in the chemistry and chemical biology department, you’ll have opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll attend classes on Indiana’s largest health and life sciences campus. Study with some of the nation’s leading chemistry experts. And perform cutting-edge research alongside faculty committed to changing the world.

We offer undergraduate and graduate programs suited to a variety of goals, whether you’re getting ready for a career in academia, preparing for medical school, or looking forward to working as a professional chemist.

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Chemistry faculty members are recognized nationally and internationally for their accomplishments in research—and they welcome student participation.

Recent initiatives include developing a breathalyzer test for diabetic ketoacidosis, studying protein folding using ion mobility mass spectrometry, creating new ways to identify designer drugs, and much more.

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In memoriam

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology lost one of its founding members when Chancellor’s Professor Emeritus Martin O’Donnell passed away August 1, 2023. Marty came to IUPUI in 1975, at a time when only bachelors and non-thesis masters degrees were awarded, and research was carried out primarily with undergraduates. One of Marty’s major accomplishments was pioneering work in the enantioselective synthesis of amino acids.

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