Academic Support

General assistance for chemistry majors

If you need help with class registration and degree planning, you should schedule a one-on-one appointment with your academic advisor.

Your advisor can refer you to appropriate on- and off-campus resources, assist in academic planning, and provide career development support. 

All undergraduate students meet with Rebecca Burris.

Academic help for chemistry classes

The Chemistry Resource Center (CRC) provides students with an opportunity to get additional help in their chemistry courses.

The CRC will open for the Spring 2021 term on January 25. Assistance will be provided virtually via Zoom.

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Get better results by learning with your peers

We offer Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL) workshops as part of the Chemistry 105: The Principles of Chemistry course.

During each workshop, you’ll work with a small group of your classmates to practice challenging problems—but you won’t be taught by a professor. You’ll be guided through the experience by a student who has recently taken—and succeeded in—Chemistry 105.

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