The finish line is in sight. Just a few more steps. Undergraduate and graduate students are required to complete graduation applications, surveys and graduate thesis reviews.

Submitting a graduation application means:

  • Your degree will be awarded
  • You will receive a diploma
  • You will receive important Commencement information
  • Your name will appear in the Commencement program

Spring (May) graduation

Application deadline: October 15

Summer (August) graduation

Application deadline: January 15

Fall (December) graduation

Application deadline: May 15

Graduate student graduation

Thesis preparation

Deadlines, procedures, submission methods, formatting guidelines, and other thesis/dissertation information is available on the IU Indianapolis Graduate School website.

Thesis format review

  • Purdue graduate thesis students need to share their thesis document via Secure Share for thesis format review. Be sure to send the password in a separate email to
  • IU graduate thesis students need to contact for thesis format review.

Graduate Student Examination deadlines & Candidacy (CAND) enrollment

If you are entering the last semester of your Ph.D. or M.S. degree, it is important to know that graduation deadlines are set separately by Purdue University or Indiana University.

Purdue graduate and doctoral students—enrollment in CAND 99100 or CAND 99200 is required in the term of graduation. Enrollment is dependent on remaining requirements. See the table below for more information.

CAND 99100No cost, no credit course used for Purdue graduate school students planning to graduate at the end of the semester (May, August or December), who need some or all of the 3 items: course work, defense/exam, and thesis deposit. Must be taken with at least one credit hour of fee-bearing course(s). For thesis students, enrollment must include research at the level of the degree being completed (MS 69800 or PhD 69900).
CAND 99200One-time use course with a reduced fee. Used for Purdue MS or PhD graduate school thesis students planning to graduate by the end of the semester (May, August or December), who have completed all coursework, who only need to defend and/or deposit their thesis. Non-thesis students who have not yet completed the Directed Project or have 1 or more Incomplete (I) grades can also register in CAND 99200. Exception form and Instructor Permission are required. Please contact your department graduate coordinator for assistance. This course must be dropped if graduation is deferred to another semester to avoid having an "F" on the transcript.


If you have any questions about graduation, contact Darryl Newsom, Administrative Recorder, or (317) 274-0684.