Facts & Statistics

Top 5national rank for life sciences employment (data from Biospeak/Biocrossroads)

87%of 2021 grads were employed or enrolled in continuing education within 6 months

60%of faculty have current research awards

$11 millionin research funding granted in 2021–22

Student demographics for the 2021–22 academic year


721beginning undergraduate students

3.72average GPA for direct admits

76undergraduate international students

178undergraduates from out of state

455graduate students

148beginning graduate students

161graduate students from out of state

221international graduate students

13%of science students are 21st century scholars

25%of science students are first-gen

22%of science students are african american or latinx

61%of science students are female

48 of IUPUI’s 2022 Top 100 students are science majors.

IUPUI's 2022 Top 10

IUPUI's 2022 Top 10 students included four science undergraduates students.

IUPUI's 2022 Most Outstanding Student

IUPUI's 2022 Most Outstanding Student is a science (Psychology) major.

Eight of IUPUI’s 2022 Elite 50 students are School of Science graduate students.

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