B/MD Pathway to Medicine Program

Bachelor's to MD (B/MD) pathway to medicine program

An innovative program offered by the IU Indianapolis School of Science in connection with the IU School of Medicine, the B/MD program provides conditional admission to the School of Medicine for qualified beginning freshmen who are directly admitted to the School of Science.

Students within the program will be supplied a foundation for medical education through special curriculum, academic advising, mentoring, MCAT preparation, and clinical or research experience.

Two degree tracks

Students who wish to enter the B/MD program will have two tracks to choose from.


This is the accelerated path.

After admission, students will complete all IU Indianapolis general education core and medical school prerequisite coursework at the School of Science in three years. The remaining four years of coursework will be through the IU School of Medicine.


This is the traditional path.

Students will complete four years of education at the School of Science, and the remaining four at the IU School of Medicine.

Admission requirements

To qualify for the program, prospective high school seniors must:

  • Earn direct admission to the School of Science
  • Earn a minimum SAT score of 1,400+, with a minimum 670 in math, or earn a minimum ACT score of 30+, with a minimum 29 in math.
  • Have an unweighted, high school GPA of at least 3.7 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Arrange for a high school or college teacher, school counselor, or principal to submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf.
  • Write an essay explaining why you’re interested in becoming a physician.
  • Upload a curriculum vitae (CV) describing your relevant experience.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or have a Permanent Resident Card at the time of application.

Due to the highly-competitive nature of this program, not all students who meet requirements will be accepted into the B/MD Pathway program.

Students admitted to the B/MD program must follow program requirements and meet the IU School of Medicine technical standards.

Eligible majors

The majors eligible for this program include:

  • Biology (BS, BA)
  • Chemistry (BS, BA)
  • Forensic & Investigative Sciences (BS)
  • Neuroscience (BS)
  • Physics (BS)
  • Psychology (BS)

How to apply

The application to the B/MD program is housed within the IU Indianapolis admissions application. The completed application must be submitted by December 1.

If you are also planning to apply to the Honors College, you are strongly encouraged to apply to IU Indianapolis by November 1 to be considered for all scholarships.

You will need to submit a curriculum vitae (CV), application essay, and provide contact information for a teacher, school counselor, or principal who will write your letter of recommendation.

  • Use our CV template to learn how to create your CV.
  • Review our CV example for a sample of what to include.
  • Draft a short essay (350 words or less) explaining why you want to be a physician.

Submit your SAT or ACT test scores when taking the exam or after you’ve taken the tests. When asked which universities to send scores to, use IU Indianapolis’ codes:

  • 1325 for SAT
  • 1214 for ACT

To be eligible to apply for this program, official test scores and letter of recommendation must be received by December 15.

Start your application

Apply for admission to IU Indianapolis and select your academic area of interest from the eligible majors to begin the process.

The IU Indianapolis application for fall admissions is usually available on or around August 1.